Jean Marie Fisher

Jean Marie has a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies, with concentrations in Art, Psychology, and Communications and an MBA.

She is fascinated by the arts and its inherent cathartic abilities. 

Treasurer – Board of Directors

Since 2007, Jean Marie has worked in the human services field. These years have allowed for a broad range of experience working with a diverse set of people. In her current role as Assistant Area Director of Adult Family Care & Shared Living, she is responsible for service coordination/case management, emergency placement/transition services, training new staff and caregivers, and onboarding Caregiver applicants. Previously, Jean Marie managed several group homes supporting the more medically fragile and behaviorally challenged populations.

The profound adversities endured this past year have amplified the importance for humanity to engage in holistic practices. Routines that both promote and sustain healthy eating, exercise, and the mind-body connection are imperative components within the scope of humankind’s future success. Jean Marie is eager to be part of The Awareness Project as it speaks to so much of what she believes is essential for our continued existence.    

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