Guided Meditations

Each class we offer is designed to help
introduce mindfulness into your daily life.

By practicing these techniques, you may eventually be able to remain balanced
and grounded when encountering the life challenges we all face.
All classes below taught by Pete Cormier.

Mindfulness Meditation

This class uses verbal prompts to help you notice physical sensations, emotions and thoughts, without getting caught up in them.

Each 30-minute session begins with gentle stretching, followed by a brief guided meditation. Then you’re invited to reflect using your journal or sketch pad, and ends with a chance to reflect in a safe, respectful small group setting. Sharing is always voluntary.

Live Zoom Class
Every Wednesday 8-8:30am

Please email to register and you will be sent a zoom link.
At the end of the month, click here to pay for the classes you’ve taken.

Mindfulness & Journaling

Settle into a quiet and comfortable space with a notebook or paper and a writing instrument and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

You’ll be guided in a brief meditation, followed by a period of writing in response to a prompt, ending with an chance to share in a safe, respectful small group setting. Sharing is always voluntary.

Live in person class, Four Tuesday evenings in March, 2023 6:30-7:30pm. FREE

Visit to register. Click on Event Calendar, then click on March 7, then register.

Mindfulness & Mudras

This class introduces mudras (hand gestures) to your guided meditation experience.

Our hands are nerve centers and placing our hands and fingers in certain positions enables the flow of energy, which can positively impact your body, mind and spirit. Combining mudras with meditation can deepen the experience.

Not currently offered

Recorded Guided Meditations
Click on the run icon to
hear an audio recording of a live mediation.

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